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IT HAS ARRIVED- the classic album by the electronic duo of Frank Singer and Joe Dorris. This features the electronic drumming of Joe Dorris, and eight originals, including the title track Eye of the Pyramid, and the first recording of Bill's B.S. (titled William's Overture on this disc), which also appears on Tito: In Search of a Revolution

The first release of the Cat's A Bear duo, this 1989 recording sounds contemporary in 2004. Using samplers and synthesizers with live guitar and keyboard solos, the result is a unique sound that will keep you jamming from start to finish.

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NKP 2001-x1989-T
Frank Singer: Guitar, keyboards, synth programming
Joe Dorris: Drums, percussion, drum sound programming

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Eye of the Pyramid.....Singer.....chart.....download | stream
The Current Sea.....Singer.....chart.....download | stream
Bearskin Rug.....Singer.....chart.....download | stream
Theme for Eric and Eric.....Singer.....chart.....download | stream
Ceiling Street.....Singer.....chart.....download | stream
Double Felix.....Singer.....chart.....download | stream
William's Overture.....Singer, J. Dorris, W. Dorris.....chart.....download | stream
Frank's Lament.....Singer.....chart.....download | stream 





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