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Dirty Dog Live TV Presents:
Cat's A Bear at Walt's Tavern

August 10, 2018
Cat's A Bear:
Frank Singer - Guitar, Compositions
Joe Dorris - Drums
Joe Frisina - Bass Guitar
Nick "Tito" Ronzitti - Conga, Percussion

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Dirty Dog Live Music TV showcases regional bands with original music. Each show features a brief interview with area musicians, and a performance of the artist's original music.

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About Walt's Tavern:

About Cat's A Bear:
Cat's a Bear is a contemporary jazz group performing in the Eastern Great Lakes region of the United States, whose members have more than 100 years of combined professional musicianship. The group has existed for over 35 years, with its roots in Boston, MA.

Frank Singer, Joe Dorris, Joseph Frisina and Nick "Tito" Ronzitti have explored every form of music available including Latin, standards, fusion, blues and more--all showcased on their CDs. Cat's a Bear original scores are intense and multilayered masterpieces, amazing both novices and the trained ear alike.

Since the 1980s, Cat's a Bear has received extensive radio play and excellent national reviews. It's guitarist and commissioned composer, Frank Singer, was one of three finalists in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest of 1999--winning for Unity and Diversity, the title track of One World Tribe's CD.

"For jazz aficionados, a rocket ride through arrangements played with unmatched musical technique by some very serious talents."--Bay City Nights

"...high energy and algebraic approach to jazz"--John Chacona, Erie Times-News Showcase

More about the music and musicians:

Cat's A Bear Music Online:

  Joe Frisina:
Joe Dorris:
Frank Singer:
Nick 'TITO' Ronzitti:
  Joe Frisina on Bass Joe Dorris on Drums Frank Singer on Guitar Nick TITO Ronzitti on Congas

All Photos by E. Lisa Bower
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