Artlore Studio

Cat's A Bear at Artlore Studio

November 27, 2019
Frank Singer - Guitar, Compositions
Joe Dorris - Drums
Joe Frisina - Bass Guitar
Nick "Tito" Ronzitti - Conga, Percussion
Stephen Trohoske, Lena Logvina - Artlore Studio

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  1. Ria'Lya's Theme (11/4: 3+3+5) Melodic Material Based on a Five-Octave Scale (Latin)
  2. Absent Friends (24/4: 4+3+3+3+5+3+3) Part of a Series including Thomas, Grey Tiger and Zen What (Latin)
  3. It's Only Natural (13/8: 4+4+5) Highly Caffeinated Take on "13" with 23rd Chord Melody (Funk)
  4. Give It A Rest / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Traditional) (4/4) Our Merry Take on the Holiday Season (Swing)
  5. Veritas Chronos (19/8: 7+4+4+4) Truth Time - some CAB Funk for fun (Funk)
  6. Chapter Six (4/4) Bass Feature Celebrating the Dawn of Decade Six (Ballad)
  7. Zen What (24/4: 4+3+3+3+5+3+3) Part IV of a Series including Thomas, Grey Tiger and Absent Friends (Groove)
  8. Kikit (7/4 with some 17/16: 5+4+4+4, 5/4 and 4/4) A new take on an old CAB tune from 1987 (Funk)
    Studio Version from 1987 with Bob Dorris on Bass

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Photo by Carl Strub
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Cats A Bear Labeled Band Photo: Left to Right: Frank Singer, Joe Frisina, Joe Dorris, Nick Ronzitti

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Cats A Bear Band Photo by Alice Hudder
Photo by Alice Hudder