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Generations String Quartet by Frank Singer

Generations is about our connections through time. Those who go before weave the threads of the present, and as we live the present we create the future.

The original composition is in five movements. The first movement, which features the second violin, is reminiscent of early medieval music. The second movement, which features the cello, is classical in structure. The third movement, which features the first violin, is romantic in tone. The fourth movement, which features the electric guitar, is in the 20th century style. Each movement borrows from and builds upon the other movements. The fifth and final movement weaves together movements one through four.

NKP 1996gen
Frank Singer: Composition

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short sound clips of themes:

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  2. download (64kbps) | stream (16kbps mono)
  3. download (64kbps) | stream (16kbps mono)
  4. download (64kbps) | stream (16kbps mono)
  5. download (64kbps) | stream (16kbps mono)


    Generations String Quartet

    2 violins, electric guitar, cello

     In five movements.

Thanks: Cycling Troll Recording, Gannon University, Laurie and Tom Hitt, Mike Ohm, Tony Stefanelli, Joe Dorris and family, Mary Connerty, and especially Dr. Cherie Haeger

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