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by Mary C. Connerty c2002


theory terms and concepts

Chord Tones [ within article ] 
Extensions [ within article ] 
Tensions [ separate page ] 
Passing Tones [ within article ] 
Scale Approach from above [ within article ] 
Chromatic Approach from below [ within article ] 
Embellished Whole Step Scale Approach from above [ within article ] 
Tritonic Reharmonization
(Giant Steps Reharms) [separate page]
Hexatonics [separate page]
Hexatonics [within article]
Tetratonics [within article]
Pentatonics [within article]
Overlay [within article]
Chord Scales [within article]
Reggae chaka [within article]
Reggae dub [within article]


Views on the History and Definition of Jazz
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The links below are to original articles concerning the origin, development and classification of jazz. They are not intended to be definitive in any way, and reflect the views of the author as well as portray factual events and quotes. My hope is that you will find some food for thought about the who, what, where, why, when and how of jazz. Please enjoy them.

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