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I have included a variety of older mp3s from different groups and styles*. Please note there are many links to current music in mp3 and video form on the Home Page. Help yourself to the buffet, and feel free to pass them along. I hope you enjoy them.   

*Please note - these are NOT samples from CDs currently for sale. Many of the 64kbps files are from sessions in the 1980's and 1990's that are here for fun, education, and experimentation, not as samples of my current work. To hear samples from current CDs, check to see if there are album samples here or on the CD sales page, and if not, there will be samples of the first two minutes of most songs on the CD Baby page.

Live Gigs

Jazz Performances including the Anchor In

Each link opens a page which allows you to stream the entire gig or choose individual files. More information is provided whenever possible.

Video links from the Friday Night Jazz at the Anchor In YouTube Channel are included on the individual pages when possible.

2016-2017 Season

2015-2016 Season

More about the music and the gig:


3bop at the Jive - November 28, 2009
     Steve Trohoske - bass
     Frank Singer - guitar
     Brad Amidon - drums
     Dan Hallett (Guest Performer) - piano

Recorded by Joel Polacci of the Jive with a two-track digital voice recorder.
Edited by Brad Amidon for EQ & cuts.
Mastered by Frank Singer
The first track fades in, and there are a few mic clicks in the beginning.


Ahimsa Beat at Nelson's Tavern - June 23, 2009
     Steve Trohoske - bass
     Frank Singer - midi guitar
     Eric Brewer - guitar
     Rickie Hopkins - drums
     Joel Polacci - percussion

Recorded by Trevor Huster for the Live At Nelson's CD.
Mixed at Diecaster Studios.
These tracks are rough mixes for song selection purposes, but came out so well I wanted to post them. Thanks, Trevor, for doing such a great job! Night of the Primates is my personal favorite - I was sorry there wasn't room on the CD for it.


Ancient 64kbps mp3 files

Double Tracked Guitar (Frank Singer on 2 tracks of guitar)


  • Standards

  • Originals

    • P.C.'s Blues  Joe Dorris and I entered a trio contest once, and this is the entry. I sequenced the organ / bass pedal part.


  • Standards

    • Footprints   I play piano on this one, with Mike Ohm on guitar and Steve Trohoske of 3Bop on bass. Recorded 4/30/96 at Fredonia SUNY

    • Scrapple from the Apple (Parker)  I play guitar with Mike Ohm on guitar and Steve Trohoske of 3Bop on bass. Recorded 4/30/96 at Fredonia SUNY

    • Solar   I play guitar with Mike Ohm on guitar and Steve Trohoske of 3Bop on bass. This is Mike's signature tune. Recorded 4/30/96 at Fredonia SUNY

  • Originals

    • Peppermint Tea On Friday c2002 by Frank Singer (guitar), with Nokes Kelley on alto sax and Brian Baker on bass. Recorded 1980 as "Weird Winds" led by Brian Baker. Here is a link to the chart.


  • Standards

    • There Will Never Be Another You (Warren, Gordon)   This is an eleven-minute live version from a performance by 3BOP; Steve Trohoske on Bass (Leader), Brad Amidon on Drums, Frank Singer on Guitar; and guest Trumpeter Delano "Volcano" Choy. The gig was a JazzErie event at the Avalon in Erie PA on February 16, 2003.

    • There Will Never Be Another You (Warren, Gordon)  This cut is from a Valentine's Day concert (2-14-06) at the Blasco Library's Hirt Auditorium with Steve Trohoske's 3bop Jazz Trio. Steve plays bass and Brad Amidon plays drums, with Frank Singer on guitar.

  • Originals

    • Theme (J.D. and the Sons of Rhythm
      This track is one of my personal collection favorites. It's from a January 2003 Midtown Recording Studio session, which became parts of MUSIC FROM ANOTHER PLANET. J.D and Sons is a Collective Improvisation group. There is no planning here! Frank Singer on all keyboards, guitar, guitar synthesizer, Mike Ohm on guitar, guitar synthesizer, Scott Cravener on guitar, slide guitar, Kenny Cornelius on bass, Jayson Hopkins and J.D. Hopkins on electronic percussion, Rickie Hopkins on Drums. Randy Hetherington engineer (Midtown), Band web-site: jdhopkins.com

    • Change (Frank Singer). 
      SIZE: 2,972 kbps
       In 2003 John Trevethan of PlayErie.com organized a regional Compilation CD sampler, which included cuts from all styles of music. Since there were 19 of these cuts, the 12 minute version of Change from Cat's A Bear 's Tito In Wonderland could not be included, so John edited a 6 minute version for the CD.
      Frank Singer on guitar, Joe Dorris on drums, Tony Stefanelli on bass, Phil Papotnik on sax, Band web-site (press kit oriented): http://www.catsabear.com
      Here is a link to the chart.

    • 4-20 | Liberation Day (Frank Singer)
      SIZE: 4,748 kbps
      This features me as chelaBOP flipping lyric. I wrote the tune in 2001, after the government tried to equate smoking marijuana with terrorism. The cut is from the third One World Tribe CD, Armed and Dangerous which is available here: Apple iTunes / Amazon.com / Amazon Music
      On the track:
      Frank Singer on lyric & programming, Mike Chin on bass, Kennedy Thompson on keyboards, Kenny Hollis on guitar.

streaming mp3s

Click file for stream download. These are smaller (therefore faster) 16kbps mono files.

Change [edit] 
Days of Wine and Roses  
Donna Lee  
Eye of the Pyramid
Half Nelson  
I Mean You
It's You or No One  
PC's Blues  
Peppermint Tea On Friday  
Scrapple from the Apple  
St. Louis Blues  
Take the A Train  
The Song is You  
There Will Never Be Another You (3bop '03)
There Will Never Be Another You (3bop '06)

album samples
streams all samples for CD)
track files are on CD pages)

Eye of the Pyramid
Tito: In Search of a Revolution

Colors of Tyme
Near Journey's End
Astral Worlds
Moving Through The Elements
Beyond Attention
Crossing Oceans of Time
Live at Forward Hall
Imagination Doctors
Smoke Shadows
Quantum Events
Music From Another Planet
Primate Gestures
Family Values


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