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click here for large-scale article scan with text"Perhaps most notable, he couples a good, traditional sound with a high level of technical facility that he displays via quick, arpeggiated sections.....Solo guitar fans should find it to be a pleasant listening experience."
-Vince Lewis, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine
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"What really astounds me are the incredible myriad of noises that Frank can draw from his guitar, whether it be the traditional sound, ..more horn-like riffs, or even something that is comparable to a piano....his contributions to the number of bands that he is in is due to the high level of professionality that he exerts on 'Standards 1'...a guitar in his hand is a living, breathing instrument."
-James McQuiston, Editor, NeuFutur and InterStitial Magazines.

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click here for large-scale article scan with text"For those who love the detailed sound of a Gibson jazz guitar adventurously tackling some well-known tunes in a style that can serve as a backdrop to a candlelit dinner and the serious and hushed late-night listening that follows, you can't select any better that "Off The Top."
-Al Lubiejewski, JazzErie Newsletter

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click here for large-scale article scan with text"Singer's guitar work is astonishing here easily putting him in the same class as the great Jim Hall and the late great Joe Pass."
-Steve Trohoske, JazzErie Newsletter

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Click here for large-scale article scan with text"IF YOU'RE GOING TO PLAY 71 minutes of unaccompanied guitar as Frank Singer does on his program of 12 standards, you'd better have a good sense of time..."
- John Chacona, Erie Times-News
  ©2003 John Chacona
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Click here for large-scale article scan with text "The musical highlight was Frank Singer at Scully's. He played fast and intricate, yet fluid jazz guitar with Tito. Kinda like Larry Coryell meets Wes Montgomery. Couple hours later, we jazzwalked up to the Docksider to catch the last set of One World Tribe. There Singer was again, playing keyboards. Same passion, joy, and skill. ... It was the most amazing display of musicianship I've experienced in Erie in a long time."
- Mike Plasha, Erie Times-News

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Click here for large-scale article scan with text"...Frank Singer is capable of just about anything musically. He plays piano like Keith Jarret or Chick Corea on acid; fast, furious, and right on. What's really sick is that he's probably as good a guitar player as he is a keyboard player. Any song on this disk he had a hand in writing is a gem."
-Randy Baumann, One World Tribe Unity and Diversity Review

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Click here for large-scale article scan with text"Frank Singer, TITO's principle composer and guitarist, composes with such high energy and creativity that each arrangement reaches peaks and explores valleys quite unlike the one before. Often, what begins as a Jam session becomes the band's next tune once Singer's formidable composing abilities have a chance to work on the jam's recorded sound."
-Jennifer, Bay City Nights Tito Review

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Click here for large-scale article scan with text"Frank Singer, whose work has been compared to that of George Benson and Larry Coryell, easily comes across as the consummate musician that he is..."
-John Biggie, Currently Erie Cat's A Bear Review

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Click here for large-scale article scan with text"...His style compares favorably to old George Benson for a sense of clarity and tone, while his clever virtuosity reflects that of Full House-era Larry Coryell."
-Nathan Griffith, Option Magazine Cat's A Bear 1986  Review

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